How transport infrastructure is transforming Southeast Queensland

The Sunshine State capital is appearing on myriad lists of where might make an excellent property investment location of late.  
However, Brisbane and Southeast Queensland more generally have been on the investment radar for a number of years. 
Indeed, Brisbane was named the number one capital city with the best investment prospects in the PIPA Annual Investor Sentiment Survey for the past five years.  
We have been purchasing strategically in Brisbane for a number of years with our investor clients recording strong capital growth results – even before the pandemic supercharged the region’s property markets.  
Infrastructure boom 
One of the reasons why we have buying in certain parts of the Sunshine State was because the Queensland Government instigated a monster major infrastructure program years ago to help strengthen a local economy that had been flagging somewhat since the GFC.  
Over the past five years in particular, this has involved significant transport infrastructure projects that are set to transform the region for generations to come.  
At a city level, the multibillion-dollar Cross River Rail and Brisbane Metro projects are under way in Brisbane and set to be completed by 2025. 
Another massive project is the $14.5 billion Inland Rail that will link Melbourne to Brisbane and is expected to: 

  • Support more than 21,500 direct and indirect jobs at the peak of construction in 2023-24. 
  • Deliver a boost of more than $18 billion to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from construction and the first 50 years of operation 
  • Transport goods between Melbourne and Brisbane in under 24 hours, cutting more than eight hours off the current coastal rail route 
  • Spark investment across 103 local government areas on either side of the line, sustaining jobs and adding up to $13.3 billion in Gross Regional Product to local economies over the first 50 years of operation 
  • Carry more goods more efficiently and easing congestion – reducing up to 200,000 heavy truck trips per year from east coast and regional roads by 2049-50. 


If these projects weren’t big enough to stimulate the local economy, another traffic-busting initiative was also recently announced that is set to greatly reduce the travel time and congestion between Brisbane and the increasingly popular Sunshine Coast.  

According to the Queensland Government, a phased consultation approach has been developed for a western alternative to the Bruce Highway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with a preferred option identified for stage one of the project. 
The preferred “western route” includes the fast-growing Caboolture West, in the Moreton Bay region, which is predicted to be the size of Mackay in coming years.  
According to Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Flannery, the Bruce Highway is the spine of Queensland’s road network and Moreton Bay is positioned at its most critical point, which is why building a new road that takes local traffic off this major freight route was vital.  
In fact, the alternative Bruce Highway will not only take local traffic off the state’s biggest highway but also accommodate the tens of thousands of people that are moving to the Moreton Bay region 
Of course, all of these transport projects are one of the reasons why Brisbane was selected as the host of the 2032 Olympic Games, which will shine an international light on the region like never before.  
Before then, though, the transformation of the region’s transport networks can only be a good thing for its property markets, with investment activity not expected to cool down for the foreseeable future as billions of dollars flow into major projects across the region.  

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