5 signs that you’re ready to work with a reputable Buyers’ Agent in 2023

While there has been an increase in the number of buyers’ agents over the past decade, there remains a small cohort who are the most reputable and experienced.

These agents are the ones who have years of experience consistently helping clients achieve quality outcomes

Plus, their skills and attributes mean they are members of peak industry bodies such as the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) and the Real Estate Buyers Agent Association (REBAA) as well as the Real Estate Institute within their state or territory.

These industry memberships are not just tick and flick applications, either, because they require certain qualifications as well as standards of business practice, depending on the specific association. 

It makes sense, then, that the most ethical, professional, and experienced practitioners are in hot demand, so they generally have limited capacity to take on new clients.

This means they are often in the enviable position of choosing the clients that they work with, which means when buyers are “interviewing” a short-list of potential buyers’ agents, the creme of the crop is screening and vetting their potential new client at the same time.

So, with this mind, what are some of the traits that top performing buyers’ agents look for when determining whether someone is the best fit for their services?

Ready to step forward

People considering engaging a buyers’ agent must be psychologically, mentally, and emotionally ready, which means there are no blockages, and they are ready to pull the metaphorical trigger.

Alas, there are tyre-kickers and dreamers in the buyers’ agency space, just like any other industry, who may be trying to elicit information from an agent rather than being truthfully interested in engaging them.

When you collaborate with a buyers’ agent you are creating a partnership that features alignment on your goals and outcome.

Even if you don’t know exactly what the outcome will be, that’s all right because a professional buyers’ agent can assist with exploring the best strategy for you.

However, you must be ready to move forward.  Committed rather than interested.  

Ability to be finance approved

This next one is an obvious practical requirement, if lending is required, because you need to know whether you will even have access to funds to close any potential property deal. 

Now, this can take place as you are moving through the initial engagement process, however, we don’t commence a formal property search until preapprovals are in place.

This is especially important in a changing lending environment, which may result in altered borrowing capacity.

Do you need to talk to a broker? No problem, we can point you in the right direction to assist with that, too. 

Realistic and pragmatic 

This next attribute it vital because it pertains to your budget as well as your ability to be flexible and pragmatic when required.

This is because we’re buyers’ agents, not miracle makers! So, if you want to buy a $5 million home for $3 million, sorry, but we just can’t help with that.

By providing an impossible brief to a buyers’ agent to get them to supposedly “earn their money,” you’ll likely struggle to engage a reputable and experienced agent to ever accept the brief, because they know it is impossible.  Only an inexperienced (or foolish) Buyers Agent would agree to a ‘unicorn’ brief.  

Receptive to professional guidance and advice

The top buyers’ agents have years and years of experience working in every type of market condition, as well as industry-specific qualifications.

So, this means that they are specialists, whose advice should be respected.
It has always surprised me that so many people will pay for advice that never had any intention of listening to or following.

Buyers should always appreciate the knowledge and expertise that their buyers’ agent or advocate is bringing to the table and be open to their learned and educated feedback.

There really is no point engaging a buyers’ agent if you aren’t prepared to heed their insights and recommendations, so it’s imperative that you understand and appreciate the value that they are bringing to the transaction, including the payment of a fee for their professional services.

You’re a good human

This last attribute is one of the most important because it’s about your ability to work as a team with your buyers’ agent.

This includes both parties, you, and them, showing due respect to each other, including adhering to pre-agreed timeframes and communication requirements.

It is a very irksome when clients are not readily contactable, because deals can come and go in the blink of an eye, plus, it does to imply that my time is not as important or valuable as theirs.  

Put simply, we all like collaborating with nice people who treat each other with respect and professionalisms – or like we sometimes say having a “no d*ckheads policy”!

To some people, these insights might seem a little bold, but there really is no point exploring working with a buyers’ agent if you aren’t ready and able to purchase a property at some point in the near future.

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